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Party Bands for Hire at Different Parties!

Live music doesn’t have to just come from your iPod or the radio! Live music bands can be hired through so many different agencies as well as independently, through the band’s website. Bands can be hired for weddings, parties and large functions and with so much variety and choice, you’re definitely going to find the perfect entertainment for your party! As someone who just loves the buzz of live performances, you would be shocked at how amazing party bands for hire are!

I’ve put together a selection of different types of functions/parties you would hire a band for, as well as the type of band I would deem suitable for that specific event! Check it out!

Costume Parties:
The most exciting party ever! A costume party is as good as it gets, especially if you pick a brilliant theme that everyone can get involved in. When it comes to a band, there are heaps of tribute bands and themed bands! You can hire anything from a 1980’s themed band, a vintage style band or even a top-class tribute band. This will encourage all your guests to join in with the theme and go the extra mile with their costume. I personally think that bands with a certain theme or style are so much more enthusiastic when they perform.

Work Party or Corporate Event:
A more professional and polished band would be required for a work party! The sociable event would be based around the event’s purpose as opposed to the band being the attention. Function bands for hire, that would be suitable for this event, would usually be larger and more diverse as a party band. They must be comfortable performing for larger crowds and not rely on interactions with guests as the event may be more formal. The band would have to be really good quality and look the part. Additional to this, they need to sound amazing too! I’d imagine people would spend a lot of money or a corporate party band, so they wouldn’t be reluctant to get the band with the best vocals and musical skill.

Festive Parties:
Christmas parties!!! The easiest way to see the whole family during the festive season. At a festive party, you usually would play family friendly games with the best Christmas songs playing on your iPod in the background. Why not switch it up a bit?! Some bands specialise in Christmas songs or have a Christmas set available, as I doubt they would get many gigs during the year if they only played Christmas songs! They would get everyone up and singing together, with their Christmas hats on. There’s nothing better than singing a bit of Slade with the family!

Wedding Receptions:
Ultimately, weddings are personalised to each couple, so there’s not just one style of band you should hire. However, there are specific types of bands that are more popular, especially for bohemian style weddings. Festival and roaming bands are brilliant and add something unique. A lot of the festival style bands have a distinct sound with repertoires full of modern song covers with a folky twist. Some of these bands offer a roaming set. This means they are completely free from wires when performing and can walk through and with the audience whilst performing. It’s an entirely acoustic style set which makes it personal, especially for your wedding! Acoustic bands always sound amazing live. I love listening to stripped down covers of my favourite modern pop songs!

Christening After Party:
Not an event you’d immediately consider as a “party”. Not all christenings are quiet though! You can turn it into a brilliant party! Usually, this wouldn’t be in a huge venue, so smaller bands would be more suited for this type of party. Typically, a soloist or a duo would be the best kid friendly entertainment (as you’d assume they’d be kids at a christening) and would play mainly acoustic music, meaning it’s not too loud for people who don’t want to get up and party. However, you’d be amazed how a soloist of duo can fill up a room with music, no matter how big! They provide a more relaxed and enjoyable sound, but can switch it up with amplified instruments or even loop pedals.

Children’s Parties:
A younger audience requires a suitable entertainment choice. For a children’s party its best to organise entertainment that provides games and activities as well as music. Your best bet is a DJ! I understand this is not necessarily a party band as such, but there are kids party bands out there! They are still amazing and deliver a fun and exciting show for the kids. However, they aren’t as common as other bands, due to less popularity compared to a DJ for instance! Either way, you need someone to come in and entertain a group of young kids and provide the best music for them to dance or run around the dance floor to. Games are always a plus!

Teenage/Young Adult Milestone Parties:
Teenagers are always a bit harder to please… (it’s true!) Still, they still love a good party with all their friends. At their 16th or 21st birthday they may hire out a large venue to have the biggest and best celebration ever! Stereotypically, most teenagers and young adults listen to chart music and modern pop, with the occasional indie/alternative twist. This is a style of band that nearly every entertainment agency offer! There would be so much choice when it came to booking the band, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the songs they sing, as chart music is what they know! You can imagine that they have learnt all new music as it’s bound to be requested! You wouldn’t be disappointed and all the birthday boy/girl’s friends will be talking about it for years after!

Milestone Birthdays:
When I say milestone, I mean 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays! They automatically sound like a family affair, so that tells you that you’re looking for a style of band that everyone will listen to. For instance, try a swing and jazz band? Think about it, top tappers can sit and enjoy their evening, kids will be playing the air-saxophone and everyone else will be dancing. I want to be a swing and jazz party right now. They come in all shapes and sizes, from trios all the way to a big jazz band! I’d think about where you want to have the party first and then consider the size of the band you can fit into the performance area.

Retirement Parties:
The perfect excuse to have a huge party!!! When someone retires, it is an exciting time. You are celebrating their time within a company or just work in general as well as saying goodbye and looking forward to the next chapter of their life. It’s the best opportunity to have a full-on party with a dance and a sing with everyone in your life. Nothing says togetherness more than a soul and funk band! With their powerful and passionate voices, they bring a sense of community to a party when they all join in perfect harmony. My advice, go all out and have a brilliant night, singing with everyone and dancing until your feet hurt!

I’m sure there are loads more that I’ve forgotten, but these are the main ones in my opinion. Let me know the kinds of parties you have had with entertainment!

Enjoy booking your party bands!

The Best Concerts Booked for 2017

Live concerts are by far the most exciting and monumental moments in any fangirl or fanboy’s life! Seeing your favourite artist up on stage singing the songs you’ve been singing in your car for months, there’s nothing like it. The idea of being surrounded by people similar to yourself, who also know all the lyrics and the appropriate dance moves that you copied from the music video, it fills you up with joy! No matter which genre the artist fits into, whether it be heavy metal, classical, pop or rap, everyone feels the same buzz at a live tour. 

If you’re looking to book for one of these tours (if there’s any tickets left) then be sure to have a look on the Ticket Factory online or ticket master! They’re the best and most reliable places I’ve got my tickets from. A few friends have paid for their tickets and they’ve never arrived due to a dodgy site, so stick to the well known ones, even if the price looks appealing!

2017 is going to be an exciting year for music fans, because some of our favourite bands and artists are playing live around the UK, and some worldwide! I’ve listed some of the tours that I’m excited for that are commencing in 2017! Enjoy, and maybe see you there!

Busted - Night Driver Tour (Jan to Feb 2017)
The ultimate boyband! Busted formed in the millennium year and had a total of four UK Number One Singles! We all remember the trauma of 2005 when Charlie Simpson left to pursue a career with another band… but hope was restored when the two remaining members, Matt Willis and James Bourne coupled with, our equally as lovable boyband, Mcfly! They were appropriately called ‘McBusted’. Since then both bands have taken the world by storm and sparked the Busted reunion! (FINALLY!) In late 2015 Simpson was back and by March 2016 they had made plans to release their new album in late 2016. We have now listened to the masterpiece back to front countless times! Night Driver has been a long time coming. This tour is going to be the resurrection of Busted and place them back up in our top 5 boy bands of all time!

Kaiser Chiefs - Stay Together Tour (Feb to March 2017)
Formed in 2000, this indie rock band are known for their signature anthems; I Predict a Riot, Never Miss a Beat and of course Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! Inspired by punk rock throughout the 70’s and 80’s, their distinctive sound sets them apart from some of our other favourite indie bands. Releasing a grand total of seven studio albums, their newest, entitled “Stay Together”. Tickets are available from 26th of August! This is their first arena tour as a band for two years, so do not miss a beat ;)

Lukas Graham Tour - (Feb to March 2017)
A fresh name to the charts in the past two years, Lukas Graham have had roaring success with recent singles “7 Years” and “Mama Said”. With two albums now under their belt, the pop and soul group are taking the world by storm. The Copenhagen based band spread their audiences into the US by playing on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel and The Ellen Show. By the end of March 2016 “7 Years” had achieved a total of 225 million listens on Spotify. If you’re one of those lucky few with a concert ticket then congratulations to you! It’ll be such a magical tour!

James Arthur - Back From The Edge Tour (March 2017)
Following his recent comeback into the music industry, he has released one of the favourite songs of the year! “Say You Won’t Let Go” has been such a massive hit for him, which is exactly what he needed to get back into his zone. He made his name when he won The X factor UK in 2012. Unfortunately after his first self entitled album in 2013, he disappeared and was nowhere to be seen until earlier this year! Now, with a new album to play live and a hit single everyone is going to want at their weddings, he is ready to go! 

The Weekend - Starboy Tour (March 2017)
This Canadian singer found his place in the music industry with alternative R&B and pop music. He has released a combination of mixtape (in 2011), a compilation album of his mix tapes and three studio albums. His most popular being the recent 2016 release “Starboy”. His single “Starboy” was extremely popular, in the top 5 in the UK Charts. His older album “Beauty Behind the Madness” in 2015 was also very popular with a lot of his singles being in the UK Top 40! We all know at least one song by The Weeknd, with a lot of us singing along to his upbeat and fast pace lyrics. This tour is sure to be a big production with thousands of fans in the crowds!

Craig David - Following My Intuition Tour (March to April 2017)
Craig has been around since the millennium! He has a total of 6 studio albums recorded, which have all done exceptionally well. With so many hits in the UK Charts, it’s no wonder that he is still throwing out these chart topping albums! He officially returned to fame when he featured on BBC Radio 1’s live lounge in late 2015, and has been in the spotlight since! His new album was released at the end of September this year and we cannot wait for this tour! With a world tour already under his belt, there’s no denying that this tour will be one to remember!

Olly Murs - 24 Hrs Tour (March to April 2017)
Our favourite Essex cheeky-chappy first found fame when he was runner up in The X Factor 2009. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, in the US as well as the UK! He released his first single in 2010 and since then has had 4 number one’s in the UK! With his now 5th album released in mid 2016, we were ready to snap up those tickets for the tour! He has had amazing success through supporting other artists such as the legendary Take That and also Jls (who also found their fame on The X Factor). His tours are full of fun and energy and of course, lots of funky dance moves and cool hats!

The Vamps - Wake up Tour (April to May 2017)
The coolest pop rock boy band around, The Vamps are every teenage girls dream. All exceptional musicians, they have released some brilliant singles since they started out in 2012! With two albums currently written and released they have had a total of 8 UK Top 40 Singles. Self-formed, they are very proud of the success and fame that they have achieved as a band and want to continue in the same direction. They claim to be performing their current hits and songs from the first two albums on the tour, and if we are lucky, some songs from their upcoming third album.

Shawn Mendes - Illuminate Tour (April to June - 2017)
This 18 year old first showed his talent through cover videos on Vine in 2013. In 2014 he released his first ever single “Life of the Party” at the mere age of 15! In 2015 he released his first debut album, Handwritten, and his third single from this album became his biggest hit. “Stitches” was in the top 10 charts in the US and was number one in the UK. Since then he has collaborated with Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony and also toured with the world wide super star Taylor Swift. His second album “Illuminate” was released this year, along with his top 10 single “Treat You Better”. It will be amazing for Mendes to perform around the world on this tour and really see how much his fan base has grown in just 3 years since being on Vine. 

Elton John - Wonderful Crazy Night (June 2017)
His 33rd Studio album, which is disregarding his 4 live albums, 16 compilation albums, 3 EP’s and 7 Soundtracks! This legend, now a Sir and owner of a CBE, Elton John is a man that will go down in history. Elton is our favourite English singer-songwriter from the very beginning of his 5 decade career! With outstanding collaborations throughout his career as well as countless times of volunteer work for charity, he is a British gem through and through. Anyone would be lucky to go and see the legendary Elton John.


Justin Bieber - (July 2017)
One of the biggest pop stars of the moment! Justin Bieber first found fame with his debut single “One Time” in 2009. This was followed by hit after hit after hit worldwide. He has now released a total of 4 studio albums, as well as numerous singles released in collaboration with artists such as DJ Snake and Major Lazer. He is the first artist ever to hold the top 3 spots in the UK Singles chart! This tour is going to be absolutely breath taking and I don’t think anything will beat one of his concerts! (That’s if he doesn’t walk off stage!)

Little Mix - (Oct to Nov 2017)
Another act to find fame through the X Factor, Little Mix won the singing competition in 2011. These four amazing role models for young girls are at the top of their game, with an extensive fan base! Their debut album “DNA” was released in 2012 and since then they have released 3 more albums and had a total of 4 UK Number 1’s! What an amazing girl band. Girl power has never been stronger than it is now and with this girl band in the spotlight! This tour will be full of amazing dance moves and powerful vocals! Not one you want to miss!

There you go! 2017 will be a really amazing year for concerts and world tours!
If music isn’t your thing then you can always look at Live Nation online as they sell tickets for every type of live show!

My Top 10 Songs from 2016

And so, 2016 is drawing to a close! This year has been a great year for new music and collaborations. We have enjoyed the comeback of some exceptional artists and some brand-new show stoppers. As a collective, the music of 2016 has been extremely creative and fresh. We have all listened to and developed our love for rap music, as well as classic pop, and the return of some old classics as brilliant remixes by exceptionally talented musicians. With musical technology becoming increasingly more advanced, there's no wonder that the music being created is setting new records every year with staggering sales. I've loved hearing new music from different genres which I didn't know I would enjoy listening to. I've put together my Top 10 Songs from 2016. I've aimed to include as many different genres as I could, in an attempt to try and cover all aspects of the music industry, in the last 12 months. I've also included YouTube Videos, just incase you wanted a listen!

1) 7 Years - Lukas Graham

This song has touched a lot of people with its relatable lyrics of a child growing up and learning from what he was told by his parents. The continuous loop of calming piano chords, and the additional drum beats as the song continues, really tell quite a story. A young boy growing up is something that anyone can relate to, even if it's not the precise story you had, it touches you in a way of sentimental flashbacks of your own childhood and how you've developed into an adult. You can imagine this song on an acoustic level and it bringing tears to your eyes. It's extremely well written and beautifully executed.



2) Easy Love - Sigala

If this song doesn't get your foot tapping, I don't know what will! A true classic ABC - Jackson 5, re-mastered by the fresh and technically skilled Sigala. This version of the song has a whole new modern feeling to it as well as being a classic party anthem. I think the use of simplistic piano at the beginning of the song introduces the song well, so it's still recognisable and without completely changing the song. The introduction of drums and clapping layers keep a very simple but catchy upbeat rhythm throughout the song. It takes a lot of skill to re-master classic songs that everyone will know and love, and create something with a modern twist and not harm the original or make it any less of a hit. A brilliant musician.



3) Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake

A feel good tune with really easy to learn beat and a catchy chorus. What more could you want from a pop hit?! A song which was written for the newest DreamWorks animation film 'TROLLS' had to be a hit for younger children and young adults as a dance anthem to play at a party. However, no one can resist dancing along. The injection of a simple click within the first five seconds of the song immediately tells you it's a song to make you move. Justin Timberlake has been known for his extraordinary voice, hitting all the high notes! As a voice actor for many films, his attention has been more drawn to TV and Film since his 2013 album The 20/20 Experience. We all love JT, and I'm sure that no one would be unhappy if he dropped a new album and stormed through the charts.



4) Piece of Me - Marc Kinchen ft Becky Hill

A popular theme throughout 2016 is a song written and created by a credible DJ with a popular singer recording the vocals. This seems to be working remarkably well for a lot of artists. One artist who has done this from the beginning of her career is Becky Hill. She was founded on The Voice UK in 2012 by Will.I.Am and had a number one hit in 2014 with Gecko - Oliver Heldens. This song is an amazing DJ tune with a clubby beat and really intense vocals that you just have to sing along to.



5) One Dance - Drake ft Wizkid and Kyla

An RnB/ hip-hop classic of this year which held the top spot for 15 weeks in the UK chart as well as hitting number one in 10 countries around the world. The song itself is written about the connection of two people dancing in a club together. It describes the mind being taken over by the vibrations using the simple beat of the song. The strikingly loud piano chords at the beginning as well as the seductive tone of Kyla's voice creates the perfect introduction as the story leads on. The beat is quite club like, without it being too heavy. But a tune that was lovely by the nation and we still hear it even now on the radio. (Unfortunately, the original song is nowhere to be seen on YouTube, this is the closest I could find!)



6) Paranoia - A Day To Remember

This is a single from Pop Punk/Metal band, ADTR's, sixth studio album containing songs around the concept of stress and anxiety, after a previous dispute with their record label. This song was written and composed in just thirty minutes. The original thoughts behind the song was an experience on Halloween with someone banging on a window in the middle of the night. The song has a very powerful beat with cleverly positioned breaks in the main drums and guitar rhythms, with just vocals and a high pitched guitar in the distance. It's a really powerful song, and really catchy when you've listened to it. Even if you just mumble the words, the precise breaks and explosions in the song are easy to pick up on.



7) See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth

This song is truly beautiful. Such a large portion of the country, and world even, have a love for the Fast & Furious franchise. The shocking news of Paul Walkers death in 2013 left everyone in tears. The most recent and possibly the last (not certain on that) F&F film, Furious 7, was released in April 2015, but the song See You Again has remained in the charts for such a long time, and for good reason. The beautiful melodies and heartfelt spoken rap creates a really troubled feel to the song, and makes your heart ache just listening to it. The piano solos, intensify the saddened lyrics and picks up again when Khalfia wraps to a more beat driven sound reflecting on the relationship Paul had with his fellow actors. A beautiful song.



8) I Need You Tonight - James Morrison

As a huge fan of James Morrison this is one of my favourite songs from his most recent album, released in late 2015, Higher Than Here. The song implements an old fashioned 1970's subtle beat in the background, layered with modern rhythmical instruments, creating an up-beat song to tap along to. It's not quite a dance song, but it's half way there. As a amazing acoustic performer, his newest album features more technically advanced themes, but will the same lyrical genius of a young man on his guitar writing down his thoughts.



9) Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay

A globally popular band, Coldplay are known for their distinctive sound. This piano based song is a slower summer anthem. The festival themed band seem to entice their audiences with lyrics generated from deep thoughts, creating many a metaphor for us to decipher. Chris Martin, lead singer, has such an individual voice which can be recognised from the first line of the song. A lot of their past hits have been a gentle beat with strong and powerful vocals which create the actual tune of the song. It's a beautiful song which everyone has loved this summer, and is definitely the tune for a chilled out vibe in any situation.



10) Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott

This cover of Robyn's disco anthem from 2010, is the completely other end of the spectrum with vocal that echo, accompanied with a very light piano. The vocals are very touching and resonates through you. It's hard to imagine that this song was so popular as a disco anthem and then it being covered and altered entirely. It's amazing how different artists have a completely opposite view on how a song should sound and which genre it is included within. I love how much the music changes a song with exactly the same words. It just shows you what music can do.



There you have it. My top 10 songs from this year! I'm sure there are plenty more I could've mentioned. Have a look on Spotify, they have loads of playlists for top songs of 2016! Also on Facebook, there's so many pages that share similar content! There's so much talent out there creating music, to be played in every genre. It's so exciting to think about what 2017 will bring to the industry.






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